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Who is she? [Part1] (Golden Crush)
So this is a love story

{Dizzy Chaos and Chaos Paw where flying home for their mom's famous apple pie until the saw Blue Spell}
Dizzy Chaos-Hey Blue Spell 
Blue Spell-(Blushing)O-oh hey Dizzy
Chaos Paw-What are you looking a-
{Sees what Blue Spell was his sister and Someone else}
Chaos Paw-(Blushing Very Red)W-W-who is that?
{Dizzy Saw who it was and was Moon Heart}
Dizzy Chaos-Oh its Moon
Both Boys-The Princess of Dreams!!!!
{Moon Heart and Cyan Spell turn around and Moon Heart make the drawing disappear and saw it was Dizzy and two other boys and saw Chaos Paw and blushed}
Moon Heart-Dizzy are these your boyfriends?
Both boys and Dizzy-WHAT!?!!?
Dizzy Chaos-No!!This is my twin brother(Points at Chaos Paw) and this is Blue Spell(Points at Blue Spell)
Moon Heart-(Look's at Chaos Paw and blush)H-H-hey
Chaos Paw-(Blushes very red)H-H-H-hey
Cyan Spell-Big brother let's go home I want to go to sleep
Blue Spell-Go ahead a'll catch up ok
{Moon Heart pulls Cyan Spell and tells her}
Moon Heart-You will get your cutie mark you have my blessing
Cyan Spell-(Crying)Thank you princess
{Moon Heart gives her a tissue and Cyan Spell start's walking home}
Dizzy Chaos-Hey Moon Heart can you come over later for some of our (Points at Chaos Paw)mother famous apple pie later?
Moon Heart-Sure
{Blue Spell walk's to Chaos Paw and whispers to his ears}
Blue Spell-(Whispers)You'll never going to have a chance with her you got that
{Walking away}
Dizzy Chaos-Well see you later 
Moon Heart-See yeah later
{Disappears with a magic spell}
Dizzy Chaos-Come on bro let's go home(Opens her wings and fly's)
Chaos Paw-(Look's at Blue Spell and opens his wings and Fly's)

TO BE Countined

This is my new OC for my mane 7

Princess Luna(Mother)Sphinx(Father)

Personality:Shy,Loves SnowOwl,Loves the night

Crush:Chaos Paw

Princess of dreams
Happy Mothers day
Happy mothers day

Nature Wind:(Playing Hide and Seek With Winter Snow)
Nature Wind:(Flying)Where Are you Windy?
Winter Snow:HEHEH
Nature Wind:(Found Winter Snow At the Library)FOUND YOU!
Winter Snow:HEHEHEH(Yawns)
Nature Wind:(Looks at the time Its was 12:00 am)*Gaps*
(Nature Wind used her magic and put Winter Snow on her back)
Nature Wind:Well she's done (Looks at the moon)*sad*

Winter Snow:Darling,Chaotic Flower
Chaotic Flower:Yes Mom
Winter Snow:Nothing 
(Its was about 5 hours later Winter Snow is doing a lot of princess dutys)
Chaotic Flower:(Opens the door)Mommy
Winter Snow:Yes
Chaotic Flower:Mommy please go to bed
Winter Snow:(Uses her magic and places Chaotic Flower on her back and walks to a near window)You go too sleep
(Singing a Song)
Can You Take Care Of Our Daughters
(Winter is checking the list for the gala)
Winter Snow-Check,check and check finally done for the list I need to just(Got a Flashback of the hall)need too decorate the Grand Hall(Sad tone)
(Winter is thinking about her friends)
Winter Snow-Well i could ask pinkie pie to help me decorate the Grand hall
(Walking to Pony Ville until She heard)
(Winter turn around it was the CMC)
Winter Snow-Oh girls What is it?
Apple Bloom-(Whispers to Sweetie Bell)Tell her
Sweetie Bell-Well princess we need a favor can you please take care of our daughters?
Winter Snow-What?
Sweetie Bell-Its ok we asked FlutterShy and said She could'nt but if you can't we could ask any pony else
Winter Snow-Ok a'll do it
CMC-Thank You!


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